Updating the prepost plane in monetdbxquery

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[Version 971 update: A new parameter since elastic strains are neglected in the thickness update.] Shells are, by definition, plane stress elements.

Whereas two of the three principal STRESS directions are in the plane of the shell, that's not always the case when dealing with the principal STRAIN directions.

XIME-P participants are particularly encouraged to come and voice out their questions, critiques, comments and concerns along these directions. June 17 Michael Kay, Saxonica XQuery: how will the users react?

but we have temporarily restricted your access to the Digital Library.

To what extent will the XQuery user community overlap with (or be at tribal war with) other communities such as SQL users or XSLT users?

XIME-P will start on Thursday, June 16, 2005 in the afternoon (after the last SIGMOD session), and continue throughout the next day, Friday, June 17, 2005.

All associated data will be adjusted automatically.

Renumbering and/or offsetting can also be perfomed while using the Save Keyword Dialog. Typically LS-Pre Post is used in batch mode for extracting data from ASCII files.

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This is an important milestone, comparable to the SQL86 standard milestone, but the journey is still ahead of us. Sperberg-Mc Queen, World Wide Web Consortium / MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory What does XML have to do with Immanuel Kant? What features will they say they like, what complaints will they make?

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